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WNNCO Property Management
2754 Erna Drive
Saginaw, Michigan  48603
(989) 249-7404

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WNNCO Property Management
PO Box 6069
Saginaw, MI  48608-6069

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About Us

WNNCO Properties is a family owned and operated business having its origins in Saginaw, Michigan and from there expanding to the City of Frankenmuth, Bridgeport Township, and Saginaw Township, Michigan.  
WNNCO had it beginnings as a partnership between Nestor L. Schmitt, father, Nestor C. Schmitt, brother, and William G. Schmitt, brother in the 1970's.  From the very beginning, WNNCO Properties has strived to offer the best possible housing, commercial locations, and storage units that can be offered for the moderate income price range.  Our commitment to the Saginaw Valley region has been and will continue to be of major importance for WNNCO Properties.
Please contact us for your rental needs and we will assist in every manner possible.